What is Coaching?

Coaching literally means to transport someone from one place to another. A personal coach will simply help a person move forward and create change in the area of their life which they feel stuck and just can’t see a way through for the clouds.

Most recognized forms of coaching come from the sporting world, the figure of a sports coach working alongside top athletes is accepted without question. By applying principles of observation and feedback, sports coaches can make the difference between champion and a competitor.

What is Personal Coaching?

In personal coaching the same principle applies the coach works alongside individuals to help improve their performance and help someone see opportunities for improvement, as well as practical ways forward.

The coach will use basic skills such as listening; questioning and reflecting back to the individual they are working with on the issues they want to change. For example, if you are not happy at work, that’s likely to show up somewhere else. If you are not healthy and full of energy then this may be mirrored in your relationships or social life.

Achieving goals

The coach provides support to the client and will focus solely on an individual’s situation with the attention and commitment to help the client work through to achieve the goals they set for themselves. If you are looking for fulfilment, belief or balance within yourself, whether it is related to life in general, health, personal relationships or other interests then a coach may be what you are looking for.

A coach will listen to individuals who have discovered gaps in their lives that they are finding hard to understand, and may be struggling to fill these gaps to enable themselves to move on. If these gaps are not addressed it may lead to stress related problems of anxiety related illnesses or confidence issues that become harder to resolve. If left these anxieties may result in the need of a GP assessment or even further specialist help perhaps from counselling

Taking charge of your own life

Coaching is more flexible as everyone is unique and individual and they are supported in setting their own goals to fit in with their daily life. Coaching also places real responsibility for learning on the individual to continue after the session.

Life is for living now; it is not about postponing till later and living with regrets. It is never too late to live the life you want.

What coaching is not!

Therapy, Psychoanalysis, Psychotherapy.

Coaching is not therapy and should not be viewed as therapy.
It does not provide a viable alternative to people who may have previously considered some counselling to resolve a situation.

A way of someone else solving your problems for you.

Coaching is based on the principle that an individual is ultimately responsible for their own lives and the results they’re getting, Coaching will help empower and influence them to be all they can be.

Structured training

This would lead to a fixed agenda of learning “classroom learning.” For example, if you were being trained in a classroom to use a computer, the trainer would often use a structured approach to making sure you understand certain information, within a certain time frame.

My Name is Sandra Paterson.

I was born in Aberdeenshire, grew up and educated in Aberdeen, studied nursing at Robert Gordon’s University qualifying in Adult Health Nursing, I achieved my Diploma in Life Coaching in 2007.

After spending almost more than 40 years in nursing I had become frustrated with the changes, times change, people change, systems change, and sadly the role of nursing as I knew it has changed dramatically as we spent more time on paper work and not with the people in need of time to care. I have witnessed the psychological and spiritual changes that people and families endure in their life and recognising the strength and support that is needed to move on in troubled times. People often cope with the big changes that they are faced with in life it is the little things they struggle to understand and which often hold them back from recovery.


I felt that is was time to make my own changes and get back to helping people with fewer restrictions and found a way to do this was in Coaching. Coaching is all about promoting self-responsibility in making life changes to be all you can be. Nursing has given me a solid background and a wealth of knowledge on human nature and behaviour from which I have integrated these skills into Life Coaching.

As I see it, life coaching shares some important core principles, e.g., a person-centred approach, empathetic approach and unconditional positive regard for the client, working together to find what motivates and drives the client forward to fulfil their life’s purpose.

I believe that negative thoughts can cause disease.

Most of us will feel low from time to time as life events jostle us up and down, this is normal, have you ever experienced “feelings of inadequacy" or hopelessness in light of the fact that our lives are not turning out the way we had hoped and dreamed and we feel unable to do what's necessary to move on. If you are feeling depressed because your life isn't working out the way you wanted, then try speaking to a life Coach. Coaching is not about giving medical advice; it's a about questioning your own belief system to help you find another direction.


For most of us, regular doses of life coaching is a far more appealing approach than regular doses of medication. A coach can help if you are having external problems related to your work or relationships, or more common issues are related to internal stress factors which lie within your body and fester making you feel anxious, frustrated, angry, fatigued, frightened, isolated and even lonely, these feelings may be simply due to your own negative thinking, if not addressed may turn into physical illnesses’.

A coach can help you change these negative thought patterns for ever, if you feel strong enough and motivated for the challenge to help change your life. If you want to be all you can be then contact me for a free informal chat, so you can judge for yourself if coaching is for you. I will look forward to working with you.

What Can Coaching Do For You?

Deeper Learnings

About yourself. How you're perceived. Where you can improve.


Awareness of perspectives, beliefs, and attitudes that may be holding you back.


Coaching may help you change negative thoughts such as; Hopelessness, Worthlessness, Depression, Pointlessness, Trapped.


Ideas for ways to improve that you may not see - awareness of blind spots.


If you can't get over an obstacle you may simply have to go around it. Getting around it may not be easy on your own but with support it could be that simple.

Respect . Belief . Hope . Inspiration

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If the issues you are facing is important to you then it is just as important to me. We are all different and we all think differently but together we will work it out.

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Do you believe you are able to take responsibility to make your life work for you if only you had someone to support you?

Do you believe if only you had someone you could trust and confined in then this would help strengthen your faith and encourage you to hope for a better future?

Do you believe in order for you to move on you need closure?

If you need a little support to follow through with your own thoughts, then give me a call together we will set your own goals and get you on the move again.

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What are your expectations? What is your dream? What seems to be holding you back from your hopes and dreams?

Some of us are in the wrong job, wrong relationship, wrong frame of mind and don’t even know it until we attend the GP with stress related symptoms, eg backache, headache, memory loss, lack of concentration. Coaching can breakdown your present situation, which prevents you from moving forward.

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Take back your control by doing what is necessary, and do what is possible with help form your Coach

The Coach can listen to your needs and signpost you to other services available. Is there more you can do? I’m sure life’s journey would be far more enjoyable sharing a strong sense of self achievement, and with the feeling of being in control of your own path.

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